May and June update

May and June update

Alright! Finally vacation. Guys what two months it were! I must admit that I didn’t take enough care of my news/blog section here, so I’m gonna use my free time to catch up with it. Especially that writing long posts, letters and complaints started to be my hobby (‘wink wink’ for those who know what I’m talking about here).

But enough of this entry talk. Let’s get to the business! First of all I would like share with you some wonderful news. I managed to finish the Frederic Chopin High School of music with honors, and I can now truly call myself a graduate and a Musician! Yuppies! You can’t imagine how happy I am!

Second thing that I would like to announce, is that starting October 2017 I will be studying music in a field of playing cello and I will be traveling a lot and even more than a lot! Don’t ask me ‘how will I do it’, I don’t know either! It’s gonna be fun though. I already figured out that my main goal in life is to never get bored. I doubt I will be bored next year, actually quite the contrary!

While in Berlin I have visited a cello maker’s workshop, whose owner is Mr. Bastian Muthesius. I recommend this place for every music, or historical music lover!

Oh, I almost forgot! By the end of May me and my cello took a one day trip to Zurich and backwards. It was crazy, but we liked it! The Lake Zurich is truly a beauty. What is more important – the trip had also some long term effects on my musical life, but I’ll say more about that in the next post. Some photos from the trip you can find below↓

After the finish of entry examination period I can finally focus on my new program. Danczowski Cello Competition, here I go! Who fancy to listen to some Haydn? I do for sure!

The beautiful Lake Zurich. What a sight!

Imagine searching for your bike here… :O

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