TONALi 2018 – Witten Workshop

TONALi 2018 – Witten Workshop

The last few days were a blast! I took part in the TONALi Tour – Witten Workshop, which was a truly inspiring experience. It all started with free-speech exercises and Bach ”lectures” that all the participants delivered themselves. I learned that I should be much more self confident while speaking and that I should not be so concerned about my German skills (did I mention that the entire workshop was held in German? CHALLENGE!). I also heard one very important sentence to remember while speaking – ”Kill Your Darlings” (which basically translates into: stay close to the subject, don’t distract yourself and the listeners with too many ideas).

In the second half of the Workshop, together with the master of the German poetry slam stage – Timo Brunke – we perfected our skills of the expressive speaking. As a summary we delivered a charity performance in the Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Witten.

After the Workshop, which was also sort of a debriefing before the next steps of the TONALi Tour, I feel fully prepared for all the challenges to come. What’s more important – the past days have given me the inspiration to be creative in all the artistic matters surrounding the musical performance. The Workshop was not focused entirely on the very basic performance aspect of just playing the instrument, but on many other matters that need to be taken into the consideration when performing for modern audiences. Now I feel empowered to work even harder to make that strings rockin’ !!!

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